Nutrition & lifestyle counseling

A nutritious diet is the foundation of good health. The food we eat affects our well-being in many ways. It becomes incorporated into our cells and organs, affecting how our bodies function and the way we feel. Likewise, health is affected by mental and emotional states. Our practitioners work with patients to identify, set and achieve goals to foster health in all areas of life. Our comprehensive treatment plans involve nutritional and lifestyle assessments and may include modifications to diet, exercise, sleep, and play to better support healing and repair.

Our practitioners encourage gentle exploration of attitudes, thoughts and beliefs as a step in overcoming all of life’s obstacles. Aligning the mind with the body is integral to promoting optimal healing. We will work with you to improve your diet and nutrition, helping you feel better quickly, and preventing or reversing chronic disease. A nutritional and lifestyle consultation with us will help you reach your current health goals, and establish habits to promote long term sustainable health.

Better health care is our mission

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